You Should Not Eat These 5 Foods If You Suffer From Thyroid

The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism of the body and body sensitivity to other hormones. This is an endocrine gland that is located below the Adam’s apple and is formed by two lobes that form like a butterfly.

The thyroid gland is the one gland that is actively involved in the development of hormones such as thyroxin.It is controlled by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.These hormones aid to regulate the basal metabolism. It also effects the growth and functionality of the other systems of the organism.

Thyroid hormones help body in number of ways such as boosting the metabolism for energy usage, maintaining body temperature so different organs brain, heart and muscles will work properly.

The thyroid issue condition should be diagnosed by the proper physician. It is necessary to determine the origin of this disease and treat it properly. You should include exercise in your daily routine and make necessary diet changes to bring an improvement in your medical condition.

It is good to go healthy but there are certain nutrients that should be avoided if you are suffering from certain diseases. Some foods have the power to absorb replacement hormones. These hormones are responsible for the regulation of the thyroid function.

The food group that is avoided in case of this disease is known as goitrogens. This food group effects the hormonal production of the thyroid glands in a negative way. It is also recommended that you avoid obesity as it is the root cause of many diseases.

Foods that you should avoid in Thyroid

The thyroid patients should include foods that have less or no iodine. The reason is because the excessive presence of iodine results into decrease of thyroid hormones. If you take these minerals then it can result into disorder. The foods that you should avoid are


The patients should reduce or completely avoid the consumption of soy because it alters the functions of the thyroid. It contains phytoestrogens that is not good for thyroid.


The normal thyroid function requires iodine that is disturbed by eating broccoli. The digestion of this vegetable completely blocks the thyroid function of absorbing iodine.


Gluten is a protein that irritates the small intestine therefore it should be avoided. This protein is found in processed foods that are made from barley, wheat etc.


Sugar should be avoided completely because it provides lots of calories but no nutrients.


Fiber is really good so it is suggested that adults should only consume 20-35 grams of fiber in a day. The exceeded amount of fiber can result into disturbance of digestive system.

This is the complete list of foods that you should avoid in case of thyroid. There are also some foods that can help to boost to metabolism and functionality of the thyroid glands. Let’s have alook at these foods

Iodine and selenium are two essential elements that speed up the metabolism and activate thyroid functions.  Garlic is rich in both of these essential elements. Algae are also rich in iodine and an ideal food for you if you are suffering from thyroid disease. Nuts also help to control the production of the thyroid hormones. You can also take potassium iodide supplements for the function of the thyroid glands.

Radish not only controls the production of hormones but also inhabit the iodine absorption in the body. Add fresh vegetables like grapes, plum, melon and lemon into your diet. Foods that are rich in lithium like potatoes, onion and asparagus are rich in lithium. Meat such as chicken, turkey, fish and eggs as well as vegetables like carrots are also good for thyroid patients.

In case if you are suffering from this disease then take proper diet recommended above having all, the essential nutrients that you need. You cannot just rely on these foods to see a difference in your medical condition so consult a doctor in the first place. Also see your doctor for checkups regularly to ensure better treatment and progress.


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