Why Increasing Your Vitamin D Levels Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk By Up To 70%

Recent research has proved that vitamin can protect you from cancer. If you take 40 mg/ml of tis vitamin daily then it will decrease the cancer chances up to 67% in your body.

Men who are diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer are the one who have organism level below 23 mg/ml of Vitamin D. According to various experts vitamin D can be used to predict prostate cancer when used as a biomarker.

The vitamin does not only cancer but also offers various benefits for your body. A balanced level of vitamin D in the body helps to prevent stroke, heart diseases, diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis, infection diseases and many more. It is recommended that maintain a level of vitamin between 40mg/ml and 60 mg/ml to avoid various diseases.

The types of cancer that can be prevented by vitamin D are colon, breast, lymphatic, melanoma, prostate and colon.  One of the study directors has told:

“We have seen that right amount of vitamin D has the ability to prevent all types of invasive cancer combined, which had been terra incognita (unknown terrain) until the publication of this article …

The results show an inverse relationship between 25 D (OH) and cancer risk, and highlight the importance of preventing cancer to achieve a serum concentration of vitamin in the blood above 20 mg / ml, and this concentration is recommended by the IOM for health of bones. ”

These researches have shown that vitamin D can prevent cancer and they also emphasized on the great exposure to sunlight. The research directors have also added that we have the natural way to get vitamin D from the sunlight during summer time.

It was also seen that a native tribe of East Africa obtains 10,000 international units per day of vitamin D and they gave lower risk of cancer. In 2010 the institute of Medicine recommended the right dose of vitamin D that was 600 international units in a day. Heaney director of research conducted says that this amount is not enough. According to him, the right amount depends upon the amount of vitamin D you have in your blood. This will help to know the right amount required that should be taken. He further described that we should convert these studies into public health policies.

The Swedish scientist has also discovered that low exposure to sunlight can result into death like smoking. It is advised that see your doctor once in a year to see your vitamins levels. The right uses of vitamin D will all those patients who are struggling to get rid of this disease.

Source: https://homeremediesgarden.com/health/increasing-vitamin-d-levels-can-reduce-cancer-risk-70/

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