Watercress has been proven to be the healthiest grocery in the world, but nobody eats it: This plant cures everything!

Watercress is considered to be the healthiest plant in the world, although unfairly ignored. It contains numerous essential vitamins and even more iron than the famous spinach. Recent studies have established it diminishes oxidative stress, purifies the blood, cleans the body from toxins and improves appetite.

Many people consume watercress juice diluted by water, in proportion 1:5. Drink one glass every few days because larger doses can trigger side effects.

This juice can be used locally as well, for treatment of any hair or skin issue. Just cover the affected area and problem solved! Or make a compress soaked in watercress juice, cover the problematic spot and leave it for couple of hours before removing and rinsing.

This juice also prevents cancer growth and some experts believe it can prevent cardiovascular problems, as well as breast cancer spreading.

Source:  http://lijekizprirode.com

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