Was this meditating ‘200-year-old’ mummified monk STILL ALIVE when he was found?

Meditation is quite a rave nowadays, but it is a common knowledge that the practice has been known to humanity for a long time. We mostly connect it to the Far East, but it is also known in other parts of the world, if in a slightly different form.

It seems meditation was equally appealing to people in ancient times as it is today, which is not surprising since it’s a very beneficial exercise. One of the most peculiar relics concerning meditation history is the recent discovery in Songino Khairkhan, Mongolia, where the mummified remains of a Buddhist monk have been found.

The curious monk was mummified in a lotus position, which happens to be the one of the most iconic meditation positions, and was wearing a cloak made of cattle-skin.

The experts estimated the remains to be about 200 years old. When it comes to the deceased person’s identity, the main speculation is that he might be one of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov’s teachers.

The renowned Lama Itigilov died in 1927, and both he and his teachers, which might include this mysterious monk, followed a specific tradition originating from Northern Japan, called sokushinbutsu, or self-mummification.

This curious process is long and difficult, includes years of mental and physical preparation, only to result in the deed of the final enlightment through the act of dying. It might sound morbid and weird, but not all cultures and traditions have the same, negative, fearful approach towards death as the Western civilization.

Some view it as a quite natural, normal journey towards another world or another form. Learning to detach from life is what some cultures see as a type of enlightment and spiritual evolvement.

The mysterious mummy was taken to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar for further study, and we all hope that many interesting discoveries and secrets regarding this mysterious body will soon be unraveled.

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