Three Nail Problems Not To Ignore

Too often, we neglect the importance of our fingernails. In taking care of our health, we tend to focus on “more important” parts of our bodies like our major internal organs. What we fail to realize is that our nails are helpful in determining whether we have a certain disease or not. Now that you know this fact, look down at your nails. Do you see any deformities or anything unusual? Nail diseases are problems not to ignore. To know if you have a nail problem, here are three examples of nail diseases that you need to look out for:

Three Nail Problems Not to Ignore

Nail Pitting

Generally, people with psoriasis have nail pitting. This nail problem is characterized by ice pick-like depressions. While this may seem harmless, it can be a sign of connective tissue disorders and alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that eventually leads to the loss of hair.

Nail Clubbing

Symptoms of nail clubbing involve the enlargement of the tips of an individual’s fingers. His nails then curve around the fingertips but this latter symptom can occur over a long period of years. Nail clubbing can be caused low oxygen levels in the blood, which is related to respiratory diseases. This nail problem is also associated with cardiovascular diseases, AIDS and liver failure.

Spoon Nails

Also known as koilonychia, spoon nails feel very soft and they look like they have been scooped out. Typically, the depression is deep enough to hold a drop of liquid substance. This nail problem can be a sign of iron deficiency but it can also be an indication of hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a liver condition in which the human body absorbs an excessive amount of iron from the food that an individual eats.

If you have any of these three nail diseases, it is best to see a physician and to have yourself tested. Do not ignore these nail problems. Your nails might save your life!

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