This Blend of Herbs Is Used For Rheumatism, Arthritis and Any Strong Pain. Removes The Pain Very Fast

If you are suffering from severe pains in hands, knees, elbows, back and legs etc then there is good news for you. In our article we are going to share a blend of herbs for you that will remove all kinds of pain very fast. The alcohol and herb based paste will help to disappear all the discomfort from the body.

The alcohol has the ability to extract the properties of the plants. Even few drops of plant extract can work well for joint, back and chronic pains. Herbal extract usually contains best of the plants because they have all of the medical properties. Therefore, we will guide you to make an herbal extract so you will reap the benefits of plants in the best way.

Make an herbal extract

You can easily make the herbal extract but the main thing is to know about the plant that you are going to use for. This will help you to get benefit from the natural remedy. To prepare this remedy you need following ingredients


-Pure alcohol of 96 ° 1 liter
-Rosemary 1 branch
-Ruda 1 branch
-Camphor 3 branches
-spearmint 1 branch
-Juniper 2 branches
-1 sage branch
-1 piece of 5 cm ginger
-nettle branch 1
-thyme branch 1
-mint branches 2
-cinnamon sticks 1

You can take all of these herbs from the health food store, market, supermarkets, nurseries or pharmacies. If you are not able to get these herbs fresh then you can take them dry as well. You can also grow these plants at home or get from someone who can have it at home.

The preparation of this remedy is really simple:

Just put all the herbs in the alcohol jar and place it in the dark place. Everyday move the jar a little and place it back for a week.


It can be used for any kind of external pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, rheumatism, etc. This is for external use and pitting a small amount will be fine. This will be a concentrated extract and it can be applied with the hands or cotton ball.  You can also put this extract in any other bottle for ease. It will be good to keep it out of reach of children and do not use it for them.

If you want more long lasting effects then place it in a toilet paper, bandage or clean cloth that is hot. Put that on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes at least. You can also mix your favorite cream in the mixture if you do not like its smell.


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