Shed Some Weight With Boiled Lemons!

Lemons are very beneficiary when it comes to health. Drinks that include lemon are great for body detox, immune system boosting and, of course, beauty since they slow down the aging process. In this article, we will present you with an effective diet based on a simple tasty lemon drink recipe.

The ingredients you are going to need are five organic lemons, two liters of water, one ” of ginger and five cloves of garlic herb.


Peel the lemons and squeeze their fruit. Mix it with the garlic herb in a blender, then add peeled ginger. Mix the ingredients into one compound.

Pour the water in a saucepan, heat it on moderate, and when it starts to steam, pour the blend into it. Let it boil for few minutes. Once it simmers, cool it off. Put everything in a glass container and seal it firmly.

Congratulations, your drink is ready. Take one cup every day on an empty stomach in the morning. It will improve your health, and also help you lose some weight.


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