Regulate Your Thyroid, Eliminate Swelling and Lose Weight With THIS Incredible Juice

We all know that thyroid glands play a very important role in our body. The hormones that are created by this gland help the body in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. When thyroid is not able to produce enough hormones in the body then hypothyroidism can occur.

The thyroid glands in the body also take part in other vital processes like cholesterol control, cardiac and brain function and regulation of body temperature. It is important that your thyroid glands should work properly to ensure all of the above body functions.

Today we will share a recipe with that will not only regulate the thyroid but also helps you to lose weight.

Regulate the thyroids by drinking this beat

The hypothyroidism also causes many other health drawbacks such as obesity, infertility,arteriosclerosis, joint pains and many others. You should prepare and try our recipe as it contains all the natural ingredients that regulate the thyroid, fight with the swelling and help you to get rid from obesity.

How do you know about hypothyroidism?

The lack in the production of thyroid hormones can show various symptoms in the body that are following

-Decreased libido
-Hair loss
-Intolerance to cold temperatures
-Loss of memory
-Frequent irritability
-Muscle cramps
-Fatigue or tiredness
-Weight gain
-Dry Skin

If you also feel all of these symptoms then contact your doctor immediately because it will save you from the further damage to your health.



– Lemon juice quarter teaspoon
-nutmeg quarter teaspoon
-ground ginger quarter teaspoon
-A spoonful of orange juice
-cinnamon half teaspoon
-blueberry juice 1 cup
-water two glasses


Take the water and put it into pot and turn on the flame. When the water start boiling add cinnamon, ginger, blueberry juice and nutmeg. Remove it from heat and leave it to rest for 20 minutes. Finally add lemon and orange juice now your drink is ready. You can use it at the room temperature or when it cools down.


Drinking this juice daily can provide many health benefits that are following

-Regulate the thyroid
-Boosts the metabolism
-help you to get rid from obesity and maintain healthy weight
-improves the function of the digestive system
-stimulates the immune system
-Provides vitamins to the body
-Reduces inflammatory processes
-Fights with certain diseases
-Provides antioxidants to the body

You can consume this healthy drink daily and start seeing its benefits in your life.


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