The plant we use every day without being aware of its medicinal powers

Contemporary people are obsessed with various pills, unaware of the fact that the most of the medicines we need already exist in our surroundings. By buying all those pills people keep the pharmacy industry rich but don’t gain much for their personal health.

One of the medicines that we can easily start using instead of almost everything is parsley. It is an ingredient everyone uses in cooking, without knowing they should spread its use on other aspects as well.

Why parsley? Well, it is abundant in vitamins, contains natural essential oils, and neutralizes the chemical substances that are dangerous for our organism, like the ones that can be found in cigarette smoke. It is also a potent diuretic, it can completely cure anemia since it is rich in iron and the vitamin C, and was used by the our ancestors for treating urinary tract infections as well as various kidney issues.

Against cellulite

Six handfuls of cut parsley leaf should be boiled for two minutes in 2 liters of water. Strain the tea and let it cool off a bit, then massage the affected areas for 15-30 minutes. Do it with a cotton cloth, before going to bed. Let it stay on your body for the night, wrapped in plastic foil and a dry cotton cloth.

Wrinkle removal

Put two dg of cut parsley leaf in 2 dl of cold water. Strain after 24 hours, then use a cotton ball and clean the critical areas on your face. Let it dry. Repeat a couple of times in a period of half an hour.

For swollen eye lids

Two dg of cut parsley leaf should be mixed with 1 dl of boiled water. Cover the blend with a lid and strain after 15 minutes. Dip a cotton cloth in the mixture and put it on the eyelids every morning and evening.




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