This plant soaks the radiation: Keep it in front of your computer, it will save your health!

Not many people would assume that radiation can sometimes be beneficial to the growth of certain plants, especially the one as lovely as the decoration plant known as the calm lily.

Spathiphyllum or calm lily is believed to bring good luck to its owner. This plant thrives when put near television or other radiation devices. It has an ability to absorb the electric charge, which makes it a favorite decoration of apartments and offices that are full of electronic devices.

The static charge of the device appears due to the fluorescent monitor and the highly charged part of the TV, around which the calm lily ionizes the air. The plant soaks the electric energy and turns it into chemical, while using the energy from photosynthesis for its own growth.

The right growing of the plant

Keep it away from the direct sunlight and far from the draft. In winter, this plant requires temperature no lower than 15 Celsius. It should be watered three times a week. You don’t have to water it that often in the period between September and January. Before the beginning of the vegetative process, in February or March, divide the sod into two or more parts and plant it into more flowerpots of proper dimensions.


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