Pineapple Juice, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger and Lemon To Remove Belly Fat

Today everyone is facing the belly fat issue. Belly fat not only looks bad but also creates various health issues. When looking for ways to get rid from belly fat many people and dietitian recommend exercise, healthy diet and cutting off sugar intake.

Many people find it too hard to get rid from belly fat as they cannot follow a proper diet routine. We all are familiar that if we add vegetables in our diet then we can get various benefits but pineapple juice can do wonders if we aim to achieve a specific goal of decreasing belly fat.

Today we are going to share a juice with you that offer incredible nutritious ingredients that can help you to lose weight and also burn your abdominal fat. The juice contains all the natural ingredients that can be used from your kitchen. As the ingredients used in the drink are natural so they will not do any harm to your health if used properly.

Now you will be thinking about long steps that will be required to make this healthy and beneficial juice.Good news is that this ideal juice that is not really easy to prepare but also offers numerous benefits for your body.

This juice can help you speed up metabolism, prevent constipation, helping you to reach each meal with less appetite. You can prepare this ideal energy and slimming juice easily with this recipe below:


Pineapple 100gm

Cucumber 1 small

Celery stick 2

1 lemon juice

Celery stick 1

½ teaspoon of ginger

½ Green Apple


To make this yummy and nutrition juice take all the ingredients and put them in blender. When all ingredients mix together and form a smooth smoothie then your juice is ready. You can take one glass in the morning in empty stomach to enjoy its benefits.

In just one week you will feel that you are seeing its effects. Always try to take the juice as prescribed and avoid exceeding its consumption. The pineapple juice can have laxative effect.


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