How to Make Your Metabolism Active!!


Erika Schwartz, MD, was asked by an aged man for medical advice as he had multiple serious health problems; she the talked with his cardiologist if he could change the man’s therapy completely. This man was suffering with low testosterone and thyroid levels, sleeping problems, overweight, and a high stage of eczema which causes him to be extremely itchy. She explained everything she had to do with the patient and he decided to change his cardiologist and try out her plan. The treatments she decided to do consisted of boosting the thyroid levels  and get rid of the medication he was taking for cholesterol. At first, the man thought he would end up getting a heart attack, but Dr. Schwartz explained to him that once his hormones were modified it will lower his cholesterol. It has a significant influence on the entire body, also it regulates metabolism and provides energy, and it helps the organs to function optimally.

The most common problem that linked to thyroid is called hypothyroidism and this is when the active thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones so the body can work properly. Hypothyroidism symptoms are: including dry skin, brittle nails, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, body fever irregularities, feeling cold, poor reflexes, depression, brain fog, mood swings etc. “People are going in with high cholesterol or depression and are getting handed cholesterol meds and antidepressants. And no one’s ever checking to see if the thyroid is at the root of the problem”, Mary Shomon, a thyroid expert. She explained that that there is a serious problem with the conventional analysis to diagnose hyperthyroidism. The test that needs to be performed is call thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH, this test measures the levels of pituitary hormone, TS in the blood. This test won’t show how much T3 and T4 is in the blood, pituitary hormone focuses on the thyroid gland to produce and release thyroid hormones.

“At the end of the day, we suffer because we’re treating individual symptoms, and we don’t look at the body as a whole. The TSH test is actually doing a disservice to anybody who wants to take care of themselves, or someone who actually wants to take care of the patient.” Dr. Schwartz. For better results, the levels of T3 and T4 should be individually examined

The belief  is that thyroid hormones influence the whole body is a very important part of the successful healing is also shared by Shomon: “Our metabolism relies, in large part, on our thyroid’s ability to function properly. If we’re not getting enough oxygen or energy to the cells for digestion, for pancreatic function, for brain function, for all of the other hormone production processes and the glands that are producing those, then everything is going to be slowing down and not working properly,” she explains.

Greg Emerson, founder of the Emerson Health & Wellness Center in Queensland, Australia. Claims: “We’re living in such a toxic world—and our lifestyles have changed so much. And that’s a critical thing for us to realize when we look at our diets and we look at our daily habits. We have to put in place some strategies to compensate for the fact that we’ve moved so far from our natural evolutionary ancestral history.” Yet, the unbalanced of the hormones can be restored to normal by making some important changes in the lifestyle. Firstly, eat a diet high in raw foods, regularly exercise, foster healthy relationships; and try to reduce stress.

Dr. Emerson suggests to ask these questions to yourself: “Am I eating the right food? Am I drinking the right water? Am I getting enough sun? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I getting enough exercise? Am I getting medicines in my food?”

Dr. Schwartz adds: “Listen to what your body’s saying. If you can’t sleep at night, why don’t you sleep at night? Did you drink too much and it woke you up in the middle of the night? Are you eating too late? Are you eating the wrong foods? Are you exercising too late? Do you have this entire electronic equipment sitting right next to you? Do you sleep with the TV on?”

Dr. Schwartz comments “There are a million reasons why you may not be sleeping at night. And you need to look at them and take responsibility for improving”, she believes that the best thing to do is to control and is done by research and  discovering quality resources, as well as consulting experienced individuals, doctors and experts.