This is a List of Foods That You Should Avoid Consuming on an Empty Stomach

When people think about diets, their main focus is on what they should eat and they are paying less attention to when and how they eat the foods in question. As you may already know, a healthy digestion is vital for the overall health because it keeps the body in balance and increases the absorption of nutrients. It is therefore essential to know how and when you should or should not eat specific foods. This being said, we prepared a list of several foods/drinks that you should avoid drinking in the morning and foods/drinks that are a great option for breakfast.

Avoid These Foods/Drinks in the Morning

  1. Coffee and tea

Even though coffee is most people’s morning ritual, it should not be your first choice for a morning beverage. Namely, if you drink coffee first thing in the morning, you will increase the acidity of the stomach and worsen gastritis and acid reflux symptoms. Tea is also found to cause stomach discomfort and nausea if drank in the morning.

  1. Carbonated drinks

Unfortunately, daily intake of soda drinks is one of the main reasons for obesity in the United States. Moreover, even sugar-free carbonated drinks should be avoided on an empty stomach because they can damage the mucous membrane and lower the blood supply to the stomach. What’s more, it will also slow down the food digestion and cause constipation.

  1. Citrus fruits

A glass of water mixed with freshly-squeezed lemon juice in the morning is a great way to better the digestion and maintain the body’s pH. However, those who suffer from inflammation of the lower esophagus need to stay away from citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges for breakfast because they can elevate inflammation and irritation.

  1. Tomatoes

Individuals who suffer from acid reflux and stomach ulcers should not eat tomatoes on an empty stomach, but also they should decrease their tomato consumption in general. This is because tomatoes are rich in tannic acid which can increase the acidity levels in the stomach and worsen the symptoms of acid reflux.

  1. Store-bought juices

These drinks contain a lot of refined sugar and this can lead to spikes in the blood glucose levels. You will be more prone to sugar cravings and energy dips throughout the day if you drink them first thing in the morning.

  1. Puff pastry and short crust

Danishes or croissants are not a good option for breakfast as they contain yeast, microbes that can irritate the stomach’s lining and lead to flatulence.

Consume These Foods/Drinks in the Morning

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to create a protective coating around the stomach’s lining and it also prevents hydrochloric acid from causing damage to the stomach walls. Moreover, its soluble fiber will improve your digestion, lower the bad cholesterol, and better the metabolizing of minerals, proteins, and carbs. By eating oatmeal for breakfast, you prevent overeating throughout the day because it will maintain your satiety for a longer period of time.

  1. Blueberries

Without doubt, this is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. When you consume them on a regular basis, you will balance the blood pressure and better the metabolism, circulation, and memory. They are low in calories and make the perfect breakfast. You can eat them on their own or combine them with other fruits in a fruit salad or you can sprinkle few blueberries on your morning oatmeal.

  1. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is known to enhance the digestion and it is also rich in iron, vitamins, and proteins. You can prepare waffles and pancakes, add it to smoothies, or make buckwheat bars for breakfast.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are the perfect source of healthy fat and protein. When eaten for breakfast, they can better your digestion by maintaining your stomach’s optimal pH. Also, nuts have the power to reduce the chance of surplus stomach acid and ulcers.

  1. Eggs

This is another ideal option for breakfast because it will prolong your satiety. You can eat eggs prepared in different ways, i.e. boiled, poached, scrambled, you name it. As a result, you will prevent overeating throughout the day.

  1. Cornmeal porridge

When you eat this porridge for breakfast, you will remove heavy metals and toxins easily. It will also maintain your satiety and bring balance in the gut microflora.

  1. Papaya

This fruit has an enzyme known as papain which can enhance the digestion and lower the risk of colon cancer by neutralizing free radicals in the digestive tract. Moreover, papayas are abundant in vitamin E, C, and fiber, which are good for the digestive processes.

  1. Wheat germ

By eating wheat germ for breakfast, you will supply your body with 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of folic acid and 15 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. For this, you need 2 tbsp of wheat germ.

  1. Watermelon

Eating this tasty fruit for breakfast will hydrate your body and better the cardiovascular health due to the presence of lycopene.



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