Improve your memory by inhaling this plant’s scent for five minutes a day

Rosemary is an incredibly healthy plant that has been used as a medicine for centuries. One of the issues it helps with is memory. Studies have shown that rosemary contains carnosic acid that fights toxic elements responsible for brain issues. Students in Greece have a strange custom of putting rosemary near their beds on a night before an exam. Even Shakespeare mentioned it as a brain medicine in his famous tragedy Hamlet. In contemporary medicine, it is used as an analgesic.

Rosemary’s ingredients provide our brain with proteins that make it process information more quickly. It also renews damaged DNA cells. According to one study, people that inhaled rosemary essential oil had 60 to 75 percent more chance to memorize something than those that didn’t. Rosemary is very effective in treating mood swaps, stress and memory problems. Certain chemical processes are responsible for our memory and the main element is cineole, present in abundance in Rosemary. The more our brain absorbs cineole, the more impressive our results in thinking and memorizing are going to be.


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