Homemade Citrus Body Butter: It Softens and Nourishes Dry and Scaly Skin (Recipe Included)

Unfortunately, nowadays, we live busy lives and we are constantly in a hurry. Often times, this can be seen on the skin which can easily begin to look tired and lose its radiance. When this happens, it is time for skin pampering. Furthermore, cold weather or excessive sun exposure can also cause the skin to lose its glow so people usually resort to store-bought creams. However, the problem with these products is the presence of harmful toxins and chemicals. So, what should you do instead?

Homemade Body Butter

Instead of poisoning your body through the application of store-bought creams, you should prepare your own body butter with citrus and essential oils. This butter is easy to make, free of chemicals, and it will not do wonders for your skin only, but it will soothe the whole body. Let’s take a look at the recipe now.

You will need:

A cup of coconut oil

5 drops of orange essential oil

5 drops of lemon essential oil

A zest of half orange

A zest of half lemon

A zest of half lime


First, you need to warm the coconut oil a bit so that it softens. Then, stir it well so that all lumps go away and then add the zests and mix once more. Next, add the essential oils and stir. Place the mixture in a proper container and put it in the fridge. The mixture needs to solidify, but it should not be excessively hard. When the mixture has cooled down, with the help of a blender, whip air into it to give it a fluffy texture which will ease the application on the skin.


Apply it onto the body whenever you feel that your skin needs an additional vitality boost.



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