Here’s What Happens if You Massage This Point On The Ear

In a healthy living show on the Russian national television Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist, recommended a simple technique to his patients, efficient in relieving stress.

Stress affects people in different ways and it is caused by a wide range of factors. Stress makes us feel uncomfortable, with a feeling of heaviness and pain in different parts of the body.


First, get rid of your destructive feelings. Never keep negative energy to yourself. The next thing you should do is eliminate any physical effect, and psycho-reflexology can greatly help you here.

Human body is designed and marked with stress points located in certain parts of the body. A simple massage of these points will help you releive stress successfully.

“The Gate of Heaven,” or Shen Men as ancient Chinese called it, is one of these points. Its treatment provides celestial energy to your organism. Shen Men is deep and magical – its stimulation strengthens overall health, reduces stress and boosts energy.

Massage this acupressure point to suppress inflammation and addiction, and to relieve pain. Its treatment has great impact on your stress. Locate the Gate of heaven in the center of the upper third part of the ear.

As Dr Sandomirsky advices, you should gently press this point and massage it. Cotton buds work best for that purpose. Breathe deeply and carefully listen to your body.

Breathe deeply.

Inhale and look to the left. Exhale and look to the right. Your body will calm and relax.

 Extra tips:

  • Use your fingers to massage this point.
  • It is a good technique to apply every time you feel stressed.
  • May this method be one of your daily routines. Repeat it every night before bedtime.