German hospitals use this plant as a medicine: it renews the bones and the joints better than anything!

When the pharmacist Otto Heinrich Volk personally convinced himself of this plant’s efficiency, he brought it home to Germany, where it is still being successfully used.

The devil’s claw or Harpagophytum procumbens belongs to the family of sesame and it originates from South Africa.  It got its name for the claw-like root and that is the exact part used in treatments.

African tribes have been using the plant for thousands of years, as a painkiller, for treating skin issues and fever.

The person responsible for its spreading across Europe is the German pharmacist O. H. Volk, who lived in Namibia during the Second World War. In Europe, this plant is mostly used in treatment of arthritis, bone and joint pain, osteoarthritis and gout.

It is good for elderly persons since it normalizes the heart functions and the levels of cholesterol.

Its power in joint pain treatment equals Ibuprofen’s, but unlike the usual medications, it does not harm the stomach.

Since contemporary medicine doesn’t have a solution for osteoarthritis, the devil’s claw is a heaven sent help. It fights inflammation, pain and helps rebuild the gristle.

In the cases of bad digestion or appetite loss, a tea or extract of this plant will do the job excellently.

Devil’s claw tea recipe

Leave a tablespoon of a dry root boil for 20 minutes in a four dl of water. Let it cool and strain. Drink 2-3 cups a day.

Note: It shouldn’t be used by persons with stomach ulcer, pregnant and nursing women.



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