If You Are Diabetic, You Must Finally Avoid These 15 Foods

Diabetes is a widely spread illness, and it is estimated that more than 15% of the world’s population struggles with it. As many of those with diabetes know, finding the right dietary balance can be a pain. The general rule of thumb is to avoid sugar, but not many diabetics are aware of what foods contain sugar, and that even some of foods regarded as healthy can cause issues.

Here is a list of foods which diabetics should avoid in order to keep their blood sugar under control:

  1. White rice, flour, and bread are rich in bad carbohydrates which act in the same manner as sugar. Instead of these use oats, barley, and brown rice.
  2. Chinese food is highly caloric, and rich in sodium, fats, and carbohydrates which all increase blood sugar levels.
  3. Processed meat has sodium which is used to increase the weight. This type of meat increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, and in diabetics these risks can be more than doubled.
  4. Smoothies that are not homemade are usually filled with sugar in order to enhance the flavor, even though they are advertised as “healthy”. In a home environment, you can control the amount of sugar, or use some other sweetener.
  5. Alcohol increases blood sugar levels, and most doctors advise against diabetics consuming it.
  6. Dried fruits go through the process of dehydration, which cause sugars in them to get more concentrated. Eat fresh strawberries or grapefruit instead.
  7. Full fat dairy increases cholesterol and insulin resistance. Try to avoid cream, full fat yogurt, and even ice cream.
  8. Bananas contain high amount of sugar. Melons and peaches should also be avoided for this reason.
  9. Nachos are high in calories and carbohydrates and they can affect insulin production negatively.
  10. Fast food can’t be recommended to anyone, but especially not to diabetics. Loads of saturated fats contained in burgers and similar products negatively affect diabetics.
  11. Frozen pizza is usually high in calories and fats, and should be avoided.
  12. Cereals are one of the most common breakfast items, but they are extremely unhealthy due to the amounts of sugar in them. They can be harmful to diabetics.
  13. Flavored water can be advertised as healthy, but in fact it is usually brimming with sugar.
  14. Energy bars usually contain carbohydrates and sugars as main sources of “energy” they provide. Pay attention to the label before eating them.
  15. Mixed coffees with tons of sugar, syrup, cream, and other condiments can be very harmful to diabetics. Instead they should go for coffee with no sugar, and maybe some milk in it.

Source: www.organichealthyfood.org/

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