If you Have Back Pain, You Need to Try These 8 Yoga Poses

Unfortunately, lower back pain is very common among the American population and according to the latest reports by Mayo Clinic; everyone can suffer from it, i.e. both office workers and athletes. Even though the pain is rather intense, in most cases, it is only temporary. In severe situations however, there is a need of adequate medical attention.

What you may not have known is that yoga can be one of the safest and most effective ways to strengthen the back, stretch the spine, better the circulation, and provide immediate relief from the pain and discomfort.

The Best Yoga Poses against Back Pain

Spinal twist

Keep the right leg straight and then bend it and keep it flat. Afterwards, put the left hand on the floor for more support and twist while you hook the left elbow over the left thigh.

Eagle’s pose

Bend the knees and lift the left leg and reach the left thigh over the right one. Make sure the leg balances with the toes on the floor while the foot is pointed towards the floor. Then, put the left arm underneath the right one; bend the elbows and bring the palms together.

Plow pose

Bend the hips and bring the toes and feet to the floor. The hands need to support your back or you can just clasp them together for more control. Make sure you hold the forearms on the ground as long as it is comfortable. This will contribute to an optimal stretch in the shoulders and spine. Those who find it easier can use a chair to rest the feet.

Downward dog

Keep the head and neck relaxed and draw the inner thighs back. Next, spread the shoulder blades apart and stretch the back. Raise the hips up to open the lower back area.

Locust pose

Lie on the stomach with the arms on the sides to make the back and buttocks stronger. Next, raise the head, torso, arms, and legs off the floor. Slightly, rotate the thighs so that you feel the stretch from head to toe. Hold the pose for one minute and then repeat it once more.

Triangle pose

If you suffer from strong back and joint ache, this is the right position for you because it can strengthen and stretch the back. Stand with the feet 3 ft. apart. Rotate the left foot while the right heel is in line with the arms of the right foot. Next, extend the arms to the sides and tilt the hips while reaching your left hand toward the floor. Then, you need to rotate the body to the side and lift the right hand upwards. Your body needs to look at the right hand. Hold the position for 7 seconds and then switch sides.

Bow pose

Lie with the face down and then hands towards the ankles. You then need to raise the thighs and chest of the floor. This will strengthen the muscles of the back.

Child’s pose

This position is one of the most efficient ways to relax completely. It will make your back and hips stronger as well. You need to begin on all fours and the arms need to be kept forward. The buttocks should rest on the heels while you are sitting. Breathe in deeply and hold the breath until it reaches the hips.



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