Alkaline juice that will rejuvenate your body in just one day!

With this recipe, many of the usual issues like bad skin, breath, digestion and gas will disappear in no time.

Healthy diet means eating enough of acidic and alkaline foods. However, contemporary diets are dominated by acidic foods, and the best way to deal with it is to balance it with the proper intake of alkaline foods.

New book by Dr. Stefan Domenig, “Alkaline juices and smoothies”, demonstrates the simple way of cleaning the organism and balancing acidic and alkaline intake in a healthy manner.

According to the doctor’s philosophy, the best road to good health is through your stomach.

“ If you eat the right food in a right way, the body will be able to clean itself. You might want to lose some weight, which is fine, but alkaline food is not aimed only at losing weight. It is a plan for achieving vitality in order for the body to regain its natural form and function in a best possible way.”- says the doctor.

The book describes a detailed seven days plan of cleaning of the organism that helps it get rid of unnecessary ingredients. But, you don’t have to stick to it for seven days. One day a week or few days in a row will be quite enough for getting food that boosts your organism and cleans the digestive system.

With the help of nutritive balanced juices, smoothies and soups, you will recover your body and boost your digestion. You will feel the benefits of alkaline diet even if you follow the program for just two days a week.

Why prepare the juices?

Homemade juices are much better than those bought in a store. You will be able to control the ingredients, and won’t get a product with additive salt and sugar or lower percentage of fiber. Homemade juices are fresh since the nutritive ingredients and the vitamins are preserved.

A balanced juice should be like a glass of wine-something you will enjoy drinking.

Note: Juices can be too heavy on the digestion. We are accustomed to the fact that juices are strong, but they can be made lighter and tastier.  When it comes to digestion, the most important thing is to drink enough water.

Juices or smoothies made of raw ingredients are not recommendable for drinking in the evenings because the body won’t have enough time to digest them. Raw food should be taken during the day.

At evenings or nights, drink tea or a homemade soup.

Menu for one day

Drink the juices slowly, take some almonds or broccoli during the day for energy and drink a lot of water.

Main groceries

On the first day, the body needs to be prepared for the following week. A simple breakfast juice is made of fruit that detoxifies, ginger and alkaline spices for cleaning of the colon. Grape is full of vitamins and fiber, so, combined with ginger, it will prepare the digestive system. The spices are best used in a lunch-time juice. Take seasonal herbs. (Parsley is always a good choice.) Almonds and broccoli are good for energy. Light vegetable tea will enable the stomach to rest from a strenuous day.


Sweet red apple will improve the taste of grape. Add it to a vegetable juice for a nutritive beginning of the day.


Half a grape

One lemon

Two stems of parsley

Half of a cucumber

Three radishes

One red apple

Two centimeters of ginger


Peel of the grape and the lemon, but leave some of the white skin underneath because it is richer in minerals and fibers than the fruit itself. Squeeze them. Prepare a parsley juice. Peel of the cucumber, then put all the ingredients in a juice blender. Add radishes, cut the apple in quarters, and put them in as well. Peel of the ginger and add it also to the blend. Mix it well and pour into a glass.

Note: If you have any parsley leaves left, add it to the evening vegetable tea.


Ingredients: Three stems of parsley, handful of a fresh spinach, one carrot, one cucumber, half of a lime, one tablespoon of linseed oil.


Wash and dry the spinach and the parsley. Put the parsley in the blender. When you make the juice, add the carrot whose edges you previously cut off. Put the peeled cucumber and spinach in the blender. Take the parsley’s leaves and add them to the juice, together with the stem. Pour into a glass, give it a good mix then add the squeezed lime juice. Pour the oil over the blend.


Try this drink in the late afternoon.

Ingredients: 12 almonds, 75 ml of water, one flower of broccoli

Mix the almonds and the water, then add broccoli.


Ingredients: Two liters of water, one sweet potato, one leek, two potatoes, three white onions, six grains of black pepper, one leaf of laurel, small amount of parsley, sea salt and olive oil.


Boil water. Cut the edges of the carrot. Peel the carrot and the sweet potatoes then cut into bigger parts. Cut the parsley. Peel the onion and cut into quarters. Cut off the lower part of the leek then cut it into bigger parts as well. Cut the potato in quarters. When the water boils, add the vegetables, white onion, laurel leaf and pepper. Cut the parsley leaves and leave them aside, then cut the stem and add it to the mix. Cover everything and cook on a light flame for thirty minutes. Decant the vegetables and keep the juice. When you wish to drink, warm up and add salt. Serve with parsley leaves on top, and pour olive oil over the blend.

Additional advice

Drink at least two liters of water each day. Don’t stop drinking water when you start with the juices.

If you get hungry between meals, have some vegetable tea or filtered water.

Don’t eat raw food in the evening because it is difficult to digest.

Instead of black tea or coffee, take herbal tea or soup. Black tea and coffee are acidic.

Don’t be anxious or distressed while on this regime. You need to remain calm to fully benefit from the cleaning process, both physically and mentally.


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