3 top reasons why fig is the healthiest summer delight

Fig is believed to be the paradise fruit, the very same that was eaten by the mythic Adam and Eve, sweet and healthy. It is a natural remedy for many health issues and an excellent preventive food.

Cancer prevention

Fig contains polyphenols, which function as antioxidants that block the cancer causing genes, as well as coumarin and benzaldehyde that are both used in cancer therapy. Figs lower the risks of prostate and breast cancer and help prevent colon cancer.

High blood pressure and heart attack prevention

Fast food is high in sodium and low in potassium, which results in high blood pressure. Fresh figs ensure the proper intake of potassium which lowers the blood pressure.

Anti-stress effects

Because of the vitamin B, minerals and natural sugar, fig is ideal for people suffering from nerves. It is recommended for those who have problems with insomnia, depression, memory, concentration and fatigue. Fig is made of ingredients that create balance in the organism, which relieves the stress.

Source: http://lijekizprirode.com/zdravlje/top-3-razloga-uvjerite-se-zasto-je-smokva-jedna-od-najzdravijih-ljetnih-delicija-25351.html


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