17 Pictures Of Fruit That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

1. This gigantic mutated grape:

2. The scary lemon:

3. The creepy twin banana:

4. Looks even worse from the outside:

5. This freaky triple kiwi:

6. Which might look something like this when you slice it in half:

7. Another mutated fruit, the gigantic strawberry:

8. The skin-crawling sprouted strawberry:

9. And this one that’s sprouting while it’s still on the plant:

10. This unsettling apple:

11. This straight banana:

12. This ingrown tomato:

13. Sprouting apple seeds:

14. This ridiculous looking lemon:


15. This pear shaped apple.

16. This orange inside an orange:

17. The weird looking clementine growing inside a clementine:

Source:  www.reddit.com 

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