12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

How many times have you laughed at a friend who burped or farted in public? At young age, these bodily functions are hilarious to our peers, and for many they remain funny throughout life.

Hiccups can be annoying, farts can be smelly, but what is the purpose of these glitches that our body exhibits?

As funny as it may be to some, flatulence is a serious deal. It can cause pain, bloating, and other serious issues. Some people are not able to pass the gas that builds up which can lead to bloating and pain. One of the most common disorders related to this is IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome.

People having problems with excessive gas build-up, on the other hand, should avoid certain types of food, such as beans, onion, garlic, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, and even spicy food. These are all rich in oligosaccharides which are the main culprit behind excessive gas production. They even increase the pungency of the flatus.

Lactose intolerance is another widespread cause of flatulence. It is estimated that one in three people is unable to efficiently digest dairy, which causes increased gas build-up.

For the ones that still find farting, burping, and hiccups funny, here are some facts about them:

  • An average person passes gas 14 times a day, which is enough to fill up a balloon
  • The speed of fart is around 10 ft./sec
  • The word “fart” was coined in 1962
  • The shape of sphincter is the main influencer in the sound of farts; people with tight ones fart louder
  • Most of the farting occurs while we sleep
  • Female farts are smellier, not because they hold them in, but due to the higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide in their body
  • Men are biologically programmed to fart more than women
  • Termites are the animals producing the most fart compared to the size
  • Labradors and retrievers are the most flatulent dogs

What we’ve learned today is that the farts are not only funny, but healthy too. In most cases that is. In other cases, they can indicate that something fishy is going on with our body. So, if you don’t fart, or if you fart excessively, go see a doctor!

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